Perhaps one of the trickiest things to pull of, All-Over Prints have a hard give. It’s sometimes a little too overwhelming and can be nuanced in a certain to to have little appeal. But more often, when done right, All-Over Prints have the perfect kind of appeal. It’s high stakes with the maximum pay-off.

One of the best looks for the trend is a jumpsuit look. The Louis Vuitton look from the gallery above is almost a jumpsuit kind of look, but is actually two separates. It works as a break.

The Oliver Spencer look, however, has the best look because it is broken down in the torso with a neutral black adding a good heady balance of calm in the pattern. Givenchy look however turns to be a little intermediate to expert level of styling, yet the strongest of the bunch.

Pick and choose your prints carefully, it is a little risky, but after successfully pulling it off, it can be adored well into summer.

By Pavan Premaney