Playing perhaps one of the youngest characters with such a strong fashion influence on television, Bryshere Y. Gray, better known as Hakeem Lyon, (or his nickname Yazz) from FOX’s show, ‘Empire’, has fastidiously become a style icon in fashion industry. The 18 year old actor has a lead role in the show as the younger brother in a family thoroughly emblazoned with hip-hop, rap, crime and money. The show is a good watch too.

Thing with Yazz is, we don’t know where Yazz ends and Hakeem begins. So just to put it all together as one character on its own, we can perhaps not determine the personalities,but we do know the style is on point. Every time. Very commonly seen sporting the likes of Givenchy, Nike, Maison Margiela, Hakeem Lyon is deeply rooted into the new era of rap very organically melded with sportswear lux – as we have so frequently seen before on A$AP Rocky, Tinie Tempah etc.

Two things he’s got plenty of is a killer sunglasses collection that keeps adding to the cool off Hakeem Lyon and his sneaker collection, that ranges from Versace to Giuseppe Zanotti and everything in between, which is not much, but fashionable it is.

By Pavan Premaney