Classic Burger Joint, hailing from Beirut, recently opened its doors to the kale eating, skydiving, yoga-doing chichi crowd of Dubai, and they’ve got one response to it; they’ve just found a new spot for post-clubbing meals.

Changing the game one grilled patty at a time, Classic Burger Joint takes pride in its prime location in the city (located on Sheikh Zayed Road, right by the first Tim Horton’s), and being the perfect place for some quick quality bites after a fun night.

The two-page menu boasts a variety of burger options, with a vegetarian option, and includes their specialty burgers, which the crowd of Lebanon is exceedingly fond of. The menu essentially starts and ends there, with a second page of drinks and side options like mozzarella sticks.

The fries deserve boasting of their own; hand-cut fries with skin on and fried in peanut oil – very well prepared and not too greasy. The burger we tried on our visit their was the quinoa burger. It was mildly charred from the edges, but that was part of the charm of it, which added to the flavour. What we liked about it is that it (the burger) didn’t collapse in our hand when we picked it up to eat, like many other gourmet burgers do around the city.

Classic Burger Joint has quaint seating outdoors, so if the weather is good, grab a bite and do some people watching in one of the most prime spots in the city.

By Pavan Premaney