Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is yet another masterful creation of storytelling coming from the acclaimed writer of Gone Girl. The book follows the life of thirty-something Libby Day, a few decades after her family had been brutally murdered by her elder brother when she was seven. She eventually musters the strength to face her fear of what had past and dive right into those corners of her mind that she had boxed and filed away from that fateful night of the murders, the dark places, only to realize that her brother might not be the killer and has been in prison for the blame for over two decades.

This fantastic read comes as a shocking blow as Libby understands her fear of having sent her brother to jail because of her testimony of the murders. Flynn’s books don’t particularly have a massive climax, but slowly bubble up and then fizzle down into an end, a lot like being poisoned slowly, which turns out to be more lethal than a bang.

By Pavan Premaney