If any place in Spain would be Spain’s best kept secret, it would be Costa Brava. Costa Brava has long been compared as the Tuscany of Spain, but has one major factor that’s lacking; the hoards of tourists. The jagged, roughened and wild nature of the coastline gives off the impression of unsafe and impermeable when it comes to inhabitancy.

Head down to Lloret de Mar. This may seem like a tired party town, but the coastal walk is absolutely spectacular, a boastful moment for Costa Brava. on the flip side, the Tossa de Mar beach will be reminiscent of the clean and plentiful beaches of Phuket and Pattaya in Thailand. There are also a few nude beaches, if that’s what you fancy.

Next up on your trip to Costa Brava, visit Besalù. A charming small town with the overwhelming feeling that you are somewhere in the country dead centre of the UK, between Scotland and London. It has this beautiful antiquity that when the sun gets to be a little too strong, these towns like Besalù make lovely getaways.

Getting back to nature, the mountains of Montseny offer a chance to be trekked or hiked on. They’re actually the foothills of the Pyrenees. Take an e-bike to try it out, it does the heavy peddling for your once you get tired going uphill.

Costa Brava is also home to some fantastic hotels like the Sant Pere del Bosc hotel. The hotel boasts neo-modern contemporary design elements with an inkling of old Costa Brava. There are sinks carved from giant blocks of wood, little colorful stools, and beds that looked like Hershey kisses. It’s isolated, but the hotel itself is a destination piece.

Food in Costa Brava is heavenly. Try the Pan catalan (bread with tomato and oil), fresh seafood, pate, amazingly light fried calamari, risotto with spiny crab, crema catalana for dessert, and tons upon tons of jamon and tomatoes. Costa Brava is home to many delicious varieties of tomatoes that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. They all have their unique attributes and uses (trust us, you don’t want to use the wrong tomato on pan catalan), so head to a vegetable market, try several, and see what flights your fancy.

Perhaps one of the most easily overlooked places, Costa Brava shockingly doesn’t get many overflowing tourists from Barcelona, but it most certainly should. We highly recommend taking a trip here when visiting Spain next. It is luxurious, accessible and would be a monuments addition to your travels.

By Pavan Premaney