Located in Colaba on Cama Road, comes Ellipsis, a restaurant creating a wave of modern culinary experiences throughout out the city. The establishment boasts a continental/American cuisine with an ever-changing menu based solely on fresh produce.

With a rotated eclectic menu, the menu offers a lot to the diners, and even more so with an everyday menu. What Ellipsis does is, it frays from the common notion that fine dining is pretentious portions. If you’re feeling adventurous, tell the waiter that someone on the table is celebrating a birthday and get the chance to order the ever-so perfect pancake. Yes, a single pancake that stretches across the length of a plate topped with white and milk chocolate chips with syrup on the side. It truly has to be the best-made pancake I’ve ever eaten.

Ellipsis is a favourite of celebrities, so there’s a good chance, next time you visit, you’ll spot someone you’ve seen before on the big screen. After all, this is B-town.

By Pavan Premaney