It was the father of Giuseppe Santoni, Andrea, who established the vision and the brand, which was the purveyor of redefined Italian heritage and craftsmanship to the masses. However, Giuseppe spent many adolescent years apprenticing under his father to understand leather, how to bend and shape it, and eventually how to construct the perfect shoe.
After graduating from school, Giuseppe went on to the rich Asian countries to promote the family brand and successfully sourced new markets to contract the high quality Italian shoes that Santoni produced. Perhaps the most pivotal company motto is to stay true to quality. Quality and innovation. So much so, it is an obsession for Giuseppe. This dedication to quality, innovation, design and fine Italian handmade workmanship is what distinguishes Santoni from its competitors.

This constant drive for excellence and an entrepreneurial vision is what formulates Giuseppe Santoni’s skills from taking the brand to higher heights of a being a global luxury brand.

In addition to collaborating with top brands such as IWC Schaffhausen, Mercedes AMG and Rubelli, Santoni offers men’s and women’s accessories collections including fine sneakers for informal occasions and the most refined construction of limited edition men’s shoes.

Santoni collections are available in selected boutiques worldwide and in flagship stores in Milan, Rome, Cagliari, Lugano, Cannes, St. Moritz, Tokyo, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dong Guan, Shanghai, Shenyang, Singapore, Manila, Doha, Baku and Moscow.

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By Pavan Premaney