Boasting an extravagant history, Hotel San Franceso al Monte is located on a hill overlooking the city of Naples, Italy, with a majestic view of the Gulf of Naples on the right hand, adjacent to Mt. Vesuvius. The hotel itself used to be a former 16th century monastery, being the ancient residence of monks.

There are 45 rooms available in the hotel, all decorated in soft hues of beige and neutral peach with fine Italian craftsmanship and an old cottage feel, while still keeping things modern, in juxtaposition, with wireless internet available throughout.

Contemporary art in the ancient spaces of the hotel, traces a new and fascinating path from the lobby up to the third floor.

Assemblages, sculptures, panels and canvases of all sizes decorate the hotel. All the works come from one of the most important collections of contemporary art, the Morra Foundation of Naples, documenting a period ranging from the 1960s to the present day, through several of the most significant artists.

The hotel also has two restaurants and a pool bar, which are open through the summer, when the weather is warm and inviting.

By Pavan Premaney