Finding a fragrance that tastefully blends your personality in an inclusive manner, yet fitting to those who smell it in your presence, can sometimes pose a challenge. It takes a while to find that distinguished potion of smells that define you as a person in just one sense, and when you find it, you get carried away by wanting to sport it all the time.

One of those personality recognising and defining fragrances could very well be the newly launched CH Men Privé by Carolina Herrera. The fragrance boasts a provocative blend of sweet, bitter and velvet all at once. The base note composed of leather and tonka masterfully fuses with middle and top notes of whiskey, citrus, sage, red thyme and cardamom.

So here you have a fragrance that exudes a richness and luxury – but can entirely overpower your personality if it’s styled with a relaxed attire; thus this article. We put together three looks by CH Carolina Herrera that would go with the fragrance.

Look 1: Formula for Formals: Perhaps the best way to match the CH Men Privé is to sport it with a formal look composed of a suit. Black may be the favourite colour of many, but true luxury channels thoroughly through midnight blue. Pair the looks in midnight blue and white, and complete it with a colour-blocking bag or briefcase. Sport this look for day or night, and the perfume will pair with it swimmingly.

Look 2: Skip the Suit: To take the perfume well into a relaxed evening or a day of travelling, pair it with a pair of casual trousers and a button down cotton/wool blend shirt. If you expect to be in transit, add a black bag, canvas or leather, to the look.

Look 3: Off-Duty: On the weekends when errands surmount your schedule, sport the CH Men Privé fragrance with a very casual look. A casual tee of a neutral colour like grey, white, or beige matched with coloured trousers and a dark coloured wool jacket to match work perfectly for a busy day, yet still looking sharp.

With simple tips, it becomes easy to sport a fragrance anytime anywhere, with your presence, personality, and the fragrance becoming one.

Kindly note: The black canvas bag in looks 2 and 3 is not for sale. 

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