Ah, December. The most relaxed time of the year, with, ironically, the most amount of stress. The holiday season is upon us and right on cue, we find ourselves busy cramming for presents to purchase, gifts to wrap and thank you emails that remain forever in our drafts folder.

What we were really keen on doing this month, however was to eliminate the ‘us’ and ‘ourselves and ‘I’ from the holiday equation and really think about the needy. It was a year of turmoil around the world with many unhomed individuals, families and children, with many lives lost and many many animals lost shelter.

In no way are we trying to guilt you into spending your holiday allowance on charity, just maybe keep them in mind as you gift others, maybe you could downgrade their present and gift a few charities as well. If you’re interested, check out our Editor’s Picks here, on the Holiday Charity Gift Guide.

In other news, sales are on and it’s really time to hit the stores, everyone is cramming to find that perfect outfit for New Years Eve, and we suggest you do the same, ASAP.

Apart from that, we are working on our Spring/Summer 2016 Runway and Lookbook archive where you can practically see any show or presentation or lookbook from next season on Vesque Magazine, along with a little description on the show, and where to sport it.

Also, we gear up for the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Men’s Fashion Week that commences early January, keeping you thoroughly updated on all this Fashion Week in the cities of London, Florence’s Pitti Uomo, Milan and Paris. Later, in February, we keep you updated on the newly launched New York Men’s Fashion Week.

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Happy Holidays and Best Wishes on a fantastic New Year from team Vesque Magazine!

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Your’s Truly,
Pavan Premaney