Welcome to Vesque Magazine! It’s a daunting task to aim to create a wave of change in the way men think about fashion, but here we are. With the changing age in the world of men’s fashion and lifestyle, the way men look at clothes has altered exponentially already, but there is still a long route ahead of us. Vesque Magazine aims to have you be updated on all the latest alterations, yet encourage you to tailor-make your style.

It takes moments to put on an outfit, but takes a longer, grander time to put it together. That’s where Vesque Magazine comes in. Vesque Magazine does just that, which makes the process much more streamlined for the readers.

Our team and I are beyond excited to update you on the regular comings of men’s fashion and the quickly evolving face of it, the most luxurious luxury there is for taking and experiencing the world the way it was meant to be experienced – headstrong.

We bring to you daily exclusive content on all things fashion, from fashion weeks to the boutiques around the city to local talent. Take a step beyond and explore our Lifestyle section on what to watch, read and listen to, from our team’s discerning critique. In our Magazine section we go in-depth in fashion and uncover the emotions and, on the flip side, the business of fashion, for the more inquisitive reader.

My particular favourite would have to be the Trend of the Minute section. It is the best, and quickest, way for our readers to be informed on what’s the latest in men’s fashion. Give it a click to keep updated on what’s new, in, and must sport.

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It’s been a long time coming, yet a long way to go. Click on, read on.

Yours truly,
Pavan Premaney