Los Angeles, city of angels is the hometown of Hollywood. A spread of nomadic oasis in the coast of a desert, the city is alive with a coursing pulse of people, stories and dreams. It is home of many celebrities, musicians and actors. LA is one of those places that truly stays with you in spirit long after you’ve left its streets.

Los Angeles is a wide spread city, with not a lot of skyscrapers, but a lot of sprawled neighborhoods, towns and, well, desert. Renting a car is the first for any out-of-towner, because to get anywhere, you need your own set of wheels. Your experience should start right at the center of the city, Hollywood Boulevard. Walk along the Boulevard, and experience the atmosphere where most of the Hollywood stars to-date got their validation – in the form of a Hollywood star sign.

Pop into any hipster/urban café and you will not be disappointed. Once you’re done with a quick break, pick up some kitschy souvenirs down through any of the stores down the street.

Next, head over to Urth Caffé, an absolute local favorite located on Melrose in West Hollywood, for a spot of lunch. Pick anything off the menu, and you will not be disappointed. The café boasts an all-organic menu – 100% chemical free, which of course, attracts a mass crowd.

If you’re still in the mood for some light shopping, walk down Melrose Ave for a fun time shopping in some of the famed stores across the globe like Maison Kitsuné, which is the Colette equivalent of USA. They also have a massive bungalow-style Spanish-gothic Balenciaga store with the most brilliant collections. It’s a little more up beat than the stores over at Rodeo Drive.

Grab a quick drink down at Kitchen24 over at WeHo to experience the thriving local art scene and get ready to head out to one of the best spots in the whole city; Skybar at the Mondrian hotel to truly have a great time and a view like no other of the city. Last time we were there, we saw Beyoncé with her 18 bodyguards, no kidding.

If you’re still game for it, drive down to the pier at Venice beach and sit by the ocean to see the sunrise. That’s when you’ll realize that the city has this magnetic charm that will draw itself to you and latch on and would always have you coming back.

By Pavan Premaney