Matthew of wears:

HOODIE | Mattthw Apparel
TEE | Alexander Wang Tee
JEANS | Ksubi Chitch Denim
SHOES | Nike Airforce 1 Mid Flax

One of the biggest internet sensation of the past few months has been Drake’s latest release, ‘Hotline Bling’s video on Apple Music. Although the song itself has a catchy tune, the video made it that much popular owing to Drake’s inimitable (yet so many try) dance moves. Perhaps one of the most iconic music videos of the year, Drake also made a quick sensation in the world of fashion owing to his beige Timberlands, Jordan tee and gilet jacket.

This popular style has remerged this quarter and blogger Mattthw has stepped ahead of the game by sporting it outright in his blogpost. the style features a pair of acid wash jeans, a black hoodie with a grey tee underneath and a pair of mud beige Nike mid-top sneakers. It all comes together to represent the Drake music video, only thing missing is a sparing amount of female dancers, and if you can overlook that, you’ve got yourself a recreated music video.

By Pavan Premaney