The fans of H&M x Balmain collection, a collection that has been long awaited for by many avid followers of the Kardashian clan, or Gigi Hadid, or those who are just big fans of the brands (together, or separately) would be sorely disappointed if they are men. H&M x Balmain’s men’s collection will not be sold in the Middle East.

This announcement comes right after a very busy month in the fashion industry in the Middle East, with a lot that has happened over the last few weeks; from Fashion Forward SS’16, Dubai Watch Week, Mall of the Emirates Revolution 2015, Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience and several one off occasions. With so much happening in fashion over the busiest month of the year in the industry, it raises the very poignant question, a question worth asking, is the Middle Eastern fashion industry in a whole, simply done with men’s fashion?

The Spring/Summer ‘16 season at Fashion Forward surfaced some important issues in the underlying dialogue of the whole event, which is – this season the focus is entirely on the designers – and not the event as a whole. Creating this dialogue is commendable, truly. It must be noted, however, that out of the over 30 designers showcasing their collection at Fashion Forward, only 4 designers showcased menswear looks.

With Arab Couture Week taking place this week, the emphasis draws back to fashion in the Middle East and the eyes of the international media are centered right at the Middle East further so, as the collections are sprawled across the front pages of global magazines and newspapers. Yet men’s fashion remains a runner up and mentioned somewhere between in plain black and white text.

For sure, if men’s fashion is taking a backseat in the Middle Eastern fashion industry, does it come back to the question if men’s fashion is actually commercial? Does it actually sell, in one of the biggest markets in the world?

Leading Italian fashion house Fendi opened a new store on the third floor of Mall of the Emirates over the summer. The store features a range of menswear clothing, shoes and accessories with a whole area dedicated to the men’s collection, which the brand didn’t have before in their previous branch in Mall of the Emirates, or anywhere in the Middle East for that matter.

It just so happens that the Fendi store is located exactly across from the new Burberry store who also recently opened their doors, and have a whole third of an area of the superbly massive store, and located adjacent is the men’s only Christian Louboutin store.

Dubai Watch Week was one of the first of its kind in the Middle East with a particular emphasis on men’s watches and the art of horology. The experience was widely well received across the industry, with many already planning for the next installment.

While men’s fashion might not receive as much hype when it comes to industry events or aren’t as popular to their female counters, the industry still keeps growing and the bedrock fact remains that men’s fashion does sell here in the Middle East and more and more brands are taking notice.

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Pavan Premaney