One of the most historic and celebrated clothing for men would be the suit, and over the past decade or so we’ve seen it drastically evolve, devolve and mold from skinny tailoring to fat tailoring and back to skinny again. Stemming from that, one of the older patterns for a suit is perhaps one of those things that defined suits – the pinstripe.

From Wall Street businessmen to mobster Mafioso, the pinstripe always had this air of sophistication, but mostly power. There is this unencumbered strength that comes with carrying off a pinstripe, like you’re driven around in a town car, you have a jostling team of men working for you and no one – no one – messes with you. It has been a definitive symbol of strength and power – and now it’s been reimagined.

One of the biggest trend for the season is, unfailingly, pinstripes, but not like you’ve ever seen them before. Almost across the runways, the pinstripe suit is sported as a casual look, sans-tie, and in one instance in an Etro collection, with sandals. It’s fascinating to see what fashion trends have made of an icon of power and significance by completely altering its own context.

That’s why there’s no better time to buy and don a pinstripe suit – because once the trend dies out, you can always wear it with a tie and be your powerful self. Just don’t wear it with sandals.

By Pavan Premaney