Leaving his mark on walls, glass and cars, Fendi’s favourite artist Pokras Lampas brings his very own version of Calligraph-awesome.

For Pokras, modern art is sleepless and boundary-blind, which is why our little globetrotter is such a creativity-sponge. He sees, he understands and he rewrites stuff through Calligrafuturism, his personal way of expressing his feelings and understanding of our uber-global and sometimes-crazy world.

As our young calligraphy Jedi says “it’s all about deconstruction and shining some light on the real meaning of words and letters”.

The world is his color palette and the future is his blank canvas. He realized the biggest Calligraffiti in Italy on FENDI rooftop at Palazzo Della CIviltà Italiana, reinterpreting the F IS FOR…manifesto throughout freedom of expression, art, culture and optimism all around.

F is For…Freedom and Forefront art.

By Vesque Magazine Team