With the first spritz, the Prada Luna Rossa Sport, the latest edition to the fragrances by Prada, has this magnetic characteristic that makes you want to indulge in smelling it again and again.

The story of the fragrance stretches across land and sea, revolving around the sailor who, the night before the regatta, really takes a while to completely understand the mechanics and the machine of his sailboat.

“The tension between man and machine lies at the heart of the latest Prada Luna Rossa fragrance. When stakes are high, unexpected bonds can reveal the deepest connections,” narrates the story of the fragrance.

Perfumer Daniela Andrier designs the perfume with this sort of tension between man and machine, so there is this juxtaposition between the sweetness (produced by juniper berries and vanilla) of the fragrance matched with this explosive heat and spiciness which is owning to tonka and ginger.

The perfume bottle sticks to the Prada ‘Sport’ branding and similarly follows the story of man and machine.

All in all, the fragrance itself is quite attractive, having this sweet-heat characteristic and works very well as a post-workout perfume or something to sport on a casual day, or the weekend.

By Pavan Premaney