Quite recently, Samsung announced the launch of the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 in the UAE, and one thing can be said about the gadget quite certainly, it is one to be competed with. The wireless speakers form a 360 degrees has a surround sound kind of an appeal while being a relatively smaller gadget that takes up very little space while filling the whole room with rich and impactful sound.

The egg-like shape of the speaker gives it a rather modern touch while still be desirable and style-savvy to match as a permanent fixture with your furniture. But it’s not just style that the shape is designed for, it also allows for optimum range and to send sounds across the room.

The Samsung Wireless Audio 360 comes in to options, the R7, which is a a standing model for indoor use and the portable R6 which is portable, smaller in size and has the capability to produce high-quality sound for up to 6 hours.

The Wireless Audio 360 provides a wireless connection to mobile phones via WiFi to control and use using the Mulit-Room app – the app is available on Android and iOS. The setup of the speakers adds another step where it is meant to be setup with the WiFi and then it can connect as a Bluetooth device that connects to any device.

Truly being one of the best wireless speakers we have experienced, the Samsung Wireless Audio 360 is revolutionary and is a game changer in the way we experience music.

The standing R7 model is available for AED 1,399 and the portable R6 model is available for AED 1,199.

By Pavan Premaney