Another pre-teen girl is abducted in the tiny little hole that is the town of Wind Gap, Illinois, and no one from the big cities seem to care, other than Camille Preaker. Even she would give it a pass if she wasn’t coerced into covering the story for her Chicago based newspaper gig. More than anything, she just didn’t want to return to this place, this place where nothing good happens. Wind Gap; her hometown.

It was easier to live alone than to live with a roommate, let alone family. But the newspaper won’t budget her expense of staying at a hotel, when she has a home in Wind Gap, her mother’s home. A home that never was one.

Having known the town inside out, she covered every inch of newsworthy reportage she could, but still the killer was on the loose. The closer she got to the killer, the more she started to lose herself and turn into what she used to be; a cutter.

The story of Sharp Objects is a very painful one to read, not because of the gore, but how damaging and heavy it is, emotionally, and it will bear a great burden to the faint hearted. Never the less, Sharp Objects is undeniably the best of Gillian Flynn and definitively goes down in history as a classic.

By Pavan Premaney