One of the recurring trends we’ve seen season to season is Stripes, with all their different editions and distinctions. Given that it is such a simplistic pattern, it is beyond easy to incorporate a version of it into your wardrobe, keeping it updated, yet – in a sense – classic.

This season features a wide take on pinstripes, one of the most classical form of stripes dating back to the 1920s. Mainly seen on blazers and winter and over coats, the pinstripes work best on a sturdy fabric like wool or cotton. What makes a pinstripe the most visible is a fairly light colour on a sombre shade like midnight blue or black.

Some of the bigger stripes noticed this season are designed onto knitwear. This certainly accentuates the idea of oversized and chunky knitwear, coming off as a comfy and utilitarian trend. Seen on the likes of Casely Hayford, James Long and Kenzo, wide stretch stripes are quite the statement item – so perhaps one of the best way to sport them is with a keen discerning eye, or just do the easy thing – pair them with style basics.

By Pavan Premaney