Sun Goes Down - David Guetta

Perhaps one of the most popular and most acclaimed mainstream EDM artist, David Guetta, is back with quite an impressive album, featuring some massive names in the listing, like Sia, Nicki Minaj, Fetty Wap, and with this song, Sun Goes Down, Magic! and Sonny Wilson.

What we love most about this song is that it feels like the old David Guetta, the 2009 David Guetta is back with some fantastic tunes. Tunes that defined him as an artist, but sadly was short lived because he went far too mainstream. Back with Listen Again, David Guetta has returned to his roots and is bringing back the 2009-2013 era of proper dance EDM music back to the frontline.

The album consists of quite a few cool remixes as well, so make sure to purchase it on iTunes or stream it on Apple Music. But first, listen to this track, Sun Goes Down by David Guetta, ft. Magic! and Sonny Wilson here on Vesque Magazine.

By Pavan Premaney.