One of the funniest pieces of Twitter info we’ve read this week is that many movie-goers actually think The Martian is based on a true story. Just for clarification, it is not. 

The Martian is a space adventure movie set in Mars, where an astronaut, Mark Wattney (played by Matt Damon), is accidentally left behind when an atmospheric storm hits the research site of a group of space explorer. The movie circles around how Wattney actually survives the storm, but now has a bigger task to face – how to survive on a planet where there is no water or living organism, beside himself, until a rescue ship is sent for him, if a rescue ship is sent for him.

The movie does a great job in building suspense on what the situation is like, and even though the idea of it is quite dire, there is still some light comedy as part of a healthy balance.

The Martian is 2015’s space movie, so it does not exempt from being compared to the other two biggest space exploration movies of the last few years, i.e. Gravity and Interstellar. Even though it was a solid effort from the entire cast and director Ridley Scott, the movie falls slightly short of it’s space-cousin predecessors.

By Pavan Premaney