The plain white tee is one of the most versatile piece of clothing there is, pairing perfectly with suits, jeans or even beachwear. There are a couple different kinds of t-shirts, check them out below.

1. The Round Neck:
One of the most classical way of sporting the white tee is the crew neck or ROUND neck. It works best with a bomber or a leather jacket for a James Dean kind of look, and alternatively, a mildly relaxed look when sported with a blazer. 

2. The Henley:
The second white tee is the henley tee that premiers 4-5 buttons on the collar. This diversifies the use of the tee making it a crew neck, when needed, or a V-neck tee. Sport with a long coat or just as is when it’s a long-sleeves sort.

3. The V-neck:
Another classic, the white V-neck tee makes for a perfect way to wear a t-shirt on its own, or with a blazer for a casual look. It pretty much styles with everything, and that’s where comes its versatility.

By Pavan Premaney